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The mission of the Law Student Section of the State Bar of Michigan is to represent the students of Michigan's law schools and to act as a liaison to the State Bar sections, to increase student involvement in the State Bar of Michigan, to actively support other State Bar sections' philanthropic activities, and to further professional opportunities among law students.

New Law Student Section members must be in good standing at a Michigan law school approved by the State Board of Law Examiners or a resident of the State of Michigan while in good standing at an American Bar Association-approved law school outside Michigan. Filing an application confirms your eligibility to become a member of the Law Student Section.

Law Student Section members will be billed annually in the amount of $15 around October 1 of each fiscal year. Membership may continue through graduation, as long as dues are paid, until the date when results of the first Michigan bar examination offered after the member's graduation are released. A membership may not be renewed after that date, but may continue until the end of the period for which dues have been paid or until the member is licensed to practice law, whichever occurs first.

The membership year is October 1 to September 30. Membership begins immediately. Law Students joining the section late in the fiscal year will be billed again for dues due October 1.

Each year the Law Student Section sponsors programs featuring speakers of particular interest to law students and young lawyers. These seminars are held at various law schools and are usually free of charge.

As a Law Student Section member, you will be able to attend the Law Student Section council meetings, as well as seminars and section programs that are held during the State Bar's Annual Meeting in September.

Law Student Section members also receive free publications of interest to the Michigan legal profession, including a subscription to the Michigan Bar Journal.


Only your correct name may be used on the official register. Your business address and related information are required on the application.

Business Address of Record

The address you supply is considered your directory address and will be used for State Bar purposes, including all mailing lists and directory listings unless otherwise requested. When you provide an email address, it will be published in the member directory (unless otherwise noted) and used periodically to communicate with you.

If you are currently seeking employment as an attorney and do not have a business address, your residence address may be used for your directory address. When employment is obtained, you may submit an address change through the State Bar website or by sending a request in writing.

Supreme Court Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan

Rule 2 - Membership

...Each member, upon admission to the State Bar and in the annual dues statement, must provide the State Bar with the member’s correct name and address, and such additional information as may be required. If the address provided is a mailing address only, the member must also provide a street or building address for the member’s business or residence. No member shall practice law in the state until such information has been provided...