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Out-of-state and foreign lawyers seeking to appear before a Michigan court, administrative tribunal or agency, or arbitration proceeding, must comply with Michigan’s pro hac vice rule. Lawyers seeking temporary admission should review MCR 8.126, MCR 9.108, and Rule 15 of the Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan. Every lawyer admitted under the pro hac vice rule is subject to the jurisdiction of Michigan's lawyer discipline system. MCR 8.126 provides that an out-of-state lawyer is permitted to appear and practice in no more than five cases in a 365-day period.

To complete your application, you will need to:

  • Create an account with your contact information.
  • Enter the court, administrative tribunal or agency, or arbitration panel information.
  • Enter the Michigan attorney's information.
  • Upload a motion prepared and signed by a licensed Michigan attorney seeking your temporary admission.
  • Upload a certificate of good standing from one jurisdiction where you are licensed and eligible to practice. (Rule of thumb, the certificate should be dated within 60 days of the motion for admission.)
  • Upload an affidavit, signed by you, in compliance with MCR 8.126.
  • Pay the required fee by credit or debit card.

NOTE: Completing this process does not guarantee temporary admission. Only an order entered by the court, administrative tribunal or agency, or arbitrator allows temporary admission.


Only your correct name may be used on the official register. Your business address and related information are required on the application.

Business Address of Record

The address you supply is considered your directory address and will be used for State Bar purposes, including all mailing lists and directory listings unless otherwise requested. When you provide an email address, it will be published in the member directory (unless otherwise noted) and used periodically to communicate with you.

If you are currently seeking employment as an attorney and do not have a business address, your residence address may be used for your directory address. When employment is obtained, you may submit an address change through the State Bar website or by sending a request in writing.

Supreme Court Rules Concerning the State Bar of Michigan

Rule 2 - Membership

...Each member, upon admission to the State Bar and in the annual dues statement, must provide the State Bar with the member’s correct name and address, and such additional information as may be required. If the address provided is a mailing address only, the member must also provide a street or building address for the member’s business or residence. No member shall practice law in the state until such information has been provided...